Common Collocations with “Make”

  1. Make a mess – The kids always make a mess in the kitchen.
  2. Make a decision – Red or blue? You need to make a decision.
  3. Make the bed – She makes her bed every morning.
  4. Make time – I need to make time to exercise every day.
  5. Make a mistake – I’m sorry, I made a mistake.
  6. Make plans – Summer’s coming and we need to make plans for our vacation.
  7. Make dinner/lunch/breakfast – I make breakfast at 6 o’clock.
  8. Make a noise – The builders are making a lot of noise.
  9. Make a call – You can borrow my phone if you need to make a call.
  10. Make sure/certain – Make sure the oven is off before leaving the house.
  11. Make believe – The children made believe they were pirates in the Caribbean
  12. Make money – John knows a great way to make money.



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