An alphabetical list of uncountable English nouns

What are uncountable nouns?

Uncountable nouns are names for things that cannot be counted with numbers. They are the names for abstract ideas, concepts or qualities or for objects that are too small or too vague to be counted. Uncountable nouns agree with a singular verb form. They do not usually take a plural form and do not use the indefinite article (a/an).

Uncountable nouns can be used with words that express a plural concept, such as pieces of, cups of, lumps of, etc.


I have two pieces of advice. ✅

I have two advices.    

The list of uncountable nouns

Some of these nouns are homonyms and are indicated by a star



Access  – I have limited access to these offices.

Accommodation – I am looking for separate accommodation for my two friends.

Adulthood – Do they enjoy their adulthood?

Advertising – These are two great pieces of advertising

Advice – I have two pieces of advice for you.

Aggression – They both displayed a lot of aggression.

Aid ∗ – The charity dropped aid in three countries.

Air ∗ – Humans breath air.

Alcohol – He has had too much alcohol.

Anger – She sees anger in their faces.

Applause – The audience stood twice to give applause.

Arithmetic – The puzzle was solved using four pieces of simple arithmetic.

Art ∗ – I enjoy looking at the art at the gallery.

Assistance – The nurse gave assistance in the surgery and at reception.

Athletics – The athletes love athletics.

Attention – The students paid attention to the lectures.



Bacon – I would like three rashers of bacon please.

Baggage – He took four pieces of baggage on the plane.

Ballet – I have been to two ballet performances.

Beauty –  The poet writes about the beauty of the hills and the lakes.

Beef – The butcher cuts up lumps of beef.

Beer – They drank two glasses of beer. (The use of beers is becoming popular in spoken English)

Biology – He studies the biology of fish.

Blood – Don’t donate too much blood.

Botany – She studies the botany of the two islands.

Bread – I would like you to buy two loaves of bread please.

Business ∗ – I have business with John and Jane.

Butter – Three packs of butter sat on the table.



Carbon – Two carbon atoms.

Cardboard – I need 2 pieces of cardboard.

Cash – Do you have any cash on you?

Chalk – I need two pieces of chalk to write on the blackboard.

Chaos – There was chaos onstage and backstage.

Cheese – The cheeseboard had seven type of cheese.

Chess – I play chess with two friends from university.

Childhood – I hope they enjoyed their childhood.

Clothing – I usually wear only one piece of clothing.

Coal – The fire will burn with just two lumps of coal.

Coffee – Two cups of coffee please. (The use of coffees is becoming common in spoken English)

Commerce – Commerce is how many people make money.

Compassion – The nurse shows compassion to the patients.

Comprehension ∗ – There was sudden comprehension among the students when the teacher explained uncountable nouns again.

Content  – I submitted two pieces of content for approval.

Corruption – There is a lot of corruption in these two countries.

Cotton – I need two sheets of cotton to make some curtains.

Courage – The men showed great courage.



Damage  – There was a lot of damage to houses after the hurricane.

Dancing – There was fun and dancing.

Danger – There is danger around the corner.

Data – The cyber criminals stole all the data.

Delight – There was delight and smiles on the children’s faces.

Dignity – The soldiers died with dignity.

Dirt – The kitchen is covered in dirt.

Distribution – The distribution of digital media is fast.

Dust ∗ – There are layers of dust on the floor.



Economics – She studies economics.

Education – The boys received an education.

Electricity – The modern world runs on electricity.

Employment – Both women have employment.

Energy – There are many types of energy.

Engineering – The engineering is good in this strong building.

Enjoyment – There was enjoyment on the faces of the people.

Entertainment – Ballet and opera are two forms of entertainment.

Envy ∗ – The men were full of envy.

Equipment – Skiing requires lots of equipment.

Ethics – Let’s learn about the ethics of journalism.

Evidence – There is a lot of evidence to support the theory.

Evolution – All animals are a product of evolution.



Failure – Failure is not an option.

Faith ∗ – I have faith in my partners.

Fame – Some people do anything to find fame.

Fiction – John has written many works of fiction.

Flour – You need flour to make bread.

Flu – Flu can kill frail people.

Freedom – People fought hard for their freedom (Freedoms is becoming acceptable)

Fruit – He ate three pieces of fruit.

Fuel ∗ – The special car runs on two types of fuel.

Fun – The children had lots of fun.

Furniture – The apartment had only two pieces of furniture.



Garbage – There were two sacks of garbage on the pavement.

Garlic – This recipe needs two bulbs of garlic.

Gas ∗ – The canister is full of gas.

Genetics – She studied genetics at university.

Glass – The windows are made of glass.

Gold – They found lots of gold in the mine.

Golf – The men play a lot of golf.

Grammar – Perfect grammar is essential when writing English.

Gratitude – The workers showed a lot of gratitude.

Grief – There was a lot of grief at the funeral.

Guilt – The little boy felt guilt.

Gymnastics – Gymnasts practise gymnastics.



Happiness – There is more than one type of happiness.

Hardware – I need various hardware to finish the job.

Harm – The war caused a lot of harm.

Hate – The war was started by a lot of hate.

Hatred – I saw hatred in his face.

Health – The women are lucky to have their health.

Heat – You can feel the heat from the fires.

Height – The mountains reach a great height.

Help – Would you like some help with your English writing?

Homework – The girls needed help with their English homework?

Honesty – Everyone in the jury displayed great honesty.

Honey – I would  like two pots of honey.

Hospitality – The host showed great hospitality.

Housework – There is always so much housework to do.

Humour – The film was full of humour.

Hunger – The explorers had experienced great hunger.

Hydrogen – There is a lot of hydrogen in that tank.



Ice – I would like two lumps of ice please.

Ice cream – I would like two bowls of ice cream. (Ice creams is becoming acceptable)

Importance – They were politicians of great importance.

Inflation – Inflation affects countries differently.

Information – I need lots of information about writing in English.

Infrastructure – The expanding city needs new and improved infrastructure.

Injustice – Injustice occurred on both sides.

Innocence – Innocence is a characteristic of childhood.

Insurance – I have three insurance policies.

Intelligence – The dogs have intelligence.

Iron ∗ – I need two rods of iron.

Irony – Irony is the the expression of one’s meaning by using language that normally signifies the opposite.



Jam ∗ – They went to the market and bought two pots of jam.

Jealousy – She said she had experienced jealousy.

Joy – She watched the children with joy.

Judo – The old men are still practising judo.

Juice – We drank glasses of cold orange juice.

Justice – The law courts hand out justice.



Karate – The old women still practise karate.

Kindness – The soldiers showed much kindness to the poor children.

Knowledge – The professor has a lot of knowledge.



Labour ∗ – The immigrant population represent a huge pool of labour.

Laughter – There was singing and laughter at the party.

Lava – The volcano produces lots of lava.

Leather – The shoemaker requires four strips of leather.

Leisure – The aristocracy enjoy a lot of leisure.

Lightning – There was thunder and a lot of lightning.

Linguistics – I studied linguistics at university.

Literature – There is a lot of academic literature that supports the theory.

Litter ∗ – The football field was covered in litter.

Livestock – The farmers move their livestock once a month.

Logic – Use logic to solve the puzzle.

Loneliness – He suffered from loneliness.

Love – There is a lot of love between the siblings.

Luck – He had a lot of luck on his way to the top.

Luggage – She took three pieces of luggage onto the train.



Machinery – The builder use many different types of machinery.

Magic – Magicians perform magic.

Mail ∗ – The postman delivers the mail. I have two pieces of mail.

Management – A larger company requires a lot of management.

Mankind – The aliens will be a threat to mankind.

Marble – The palace was made of marble.

Mathematics – John studied mathematics at university.

Mayonnaise – I like every type of mayonnaise.

Measles – Measles was once a common childhood illness.

Meat – The lion carried a lump of meat in his mouth.

Metal – The car is made from some sort of metal.

Methane – There is methane in the tank.

Milk – Two glasses of ice cold milk.

Money – The lawyer makes lots of money.

Mud – Hippos lie in mud.

Music – He listened to two very different types of music.



Nature ∗ – I like to be outside in nature.

News – I watch the news every evening.

Nitrogen – The tank is full of nitrogen.

Nonsense – The two old men talk nonsense.

Nutrition – Strong plants require lots of nutrition.



Obedience – A dog needs to learn obedience.

Obesity – Obesity is a major problem in the western world.

Oil – Oil is scarce.

Oxygen – We breathe oxygen.



Paper – The strange house was made of paper.

Passion – Most dancers have a lot of passion for their work.

Pasta – The Italian restaurant has many types of pasta.

Patience – My patience is running out.

Permission – You need permission to enter the building.

Physics – She studies physics at school.

Poetry – He read 3 works of poetry aloud.

Pollution – Pollution harms the environment.

Poverty – Poverty is widespread.

Power ∗ – Power in the wrong hands in dangerous.

Pride ∗ – Don’t let pride get in the way of your relationship.

Production ∗ – The production of cheese fuels the village economy.

Progress ∗ – Progress is difficult to measure by anecdote alone.

Pronunciation – Pronunciation of some words in English is difficult.

Psychology – What is the psychology behind his motives?

Publicity – Some say even bad publicity is good.

Punctuation – Punctuation is important when writing.



Quality ∗ – There was improved quality in the performance.

Quantity – The quantity of alcohol consumed can be controlled.

Quartz – There is a rich seam of quartz under the mountain.



Racism – There was a lot of racism in football in in the 1980’s.

Rain – The tennis has to be stopped because of the rain.

Recreation – There is time for lots of leisure and recreation.

Relaxation – There is time for lots of rest and relaxation.

Reliability – One of his best attributes was his reliability.

Research ∗ – Her research focused on the blue whale.

Respect ∗ – Show your mother more respect.

Revenge – The novel had a plot based on revenge.

Rice – She carried three bags of rice home from the market.

Room ∗ – There is very little room in the back of his car.

Rubbish – There are special bins for your paper rubbish and plastic rubbish.

Rum – He bought three bottles of rum.



Safety – There is safety in numbers.

Salad – I ordered three bowls of salad.

Salt – I only have two grains of salt left.

Sand – He dug up buckets and buckets of sand to build his sandcastle.

Satire – Satire is just one form of comedy.

Scenery – Wherever I go, I like to enjoy the scenery.

Seafood – You can enjoy many types of seafood in Portugal.

Seaside – I like to take holidays by the seaside.

Shame – All the boys felt some shame about their bad behaviour.

Shopping – I have done all the shopping.

Silence – Wherever you go in the desert, you can always find silence.

Sleep ∗ – Did the children get enough sleep?

Smoke ∗ – Do you see the smoke coming from the chimneys?

Snow ∗ – The snow falls silently.

Soap – I have bought three bars of soap.

Software – You need various types of software to build an app.

Soil – You will need a lot of soil to plant that tree.

Sorrow – The wives felt much sorrow over the dead husbands.

Soup – Two bowels of soup please.

Spelling – Correct spelling and punctuation is vital in academic writing.

Sport – I play many types of sport. (Sports is becoming acceptable)

Steam ∗ – A puff of steam meant the train was coming.

Strength – The weightlifters have great strength.

Stuff – I have all sorts of stuff in my garage.

Stupidity – There is a lot of stupidity in the world.

Success – Each of the graduates experienced success.

Sugar – I take two lumps of sugar in my coffee.

Sunshine – The cats like to lie in the sunshine.



Tea – Many types of tea come form India and China.

Tennis – We watch two tennis matches at Wimbledon.

Thirst – Some of the worst experiences are those of hunger and thirst.

Thunder – There was a lot of thunder when the storm came.

Timber – You need a lot of timber to build a house.

Time – I don’t have much time.

Toast ∗ – He ate three slices of toast with his egg.

Tolerance – The Netherlands is famous for its tolerance.

Turbulence – The flight may experience some turbulence.

Traffic ∗ – The traffic was very heavy on the way home.

Transportation – The company utilises various types of transportation.

Travel ∗- Their jobs involve a lot of international travel.

Trust ∗ – I place a lot of trust in my friends.



Understanding – Most parent show a lot of love and understanding to their children.

Underwear – I once bought a very expensive piece of underwear.

Unemployment – Unemployment is a problem in many European countries.

Unity – The team displayed great unity.

Usage – These are lessons in English usage.



Validity – I need to check the validity of your passports.

Veal – I would like two slices of veal please.

Vegetation – The forest had a lot of vegetation.

Vegetarianism – There is widespread vegetarianism in India.

Vengeance – Vengeance is never an answer to your problems.

Violence – He committed four acts of violence.

Vision – The old men are slowly losing their vision.

Vitality – The old men are slowly losing their vitality.



Warmth – The soldiers sought warmth.

Water ∗- Let’s jump into the water.

Wealth – Many people desire great wealth.

Weather – It was such lovely weather today.

Weight – The people all had a different weight.

Welfare – I am only concerned with the welfare of the animals in the zoo.

Wheat – It was a good harvest and we have a lot of wheat.

Whiskey – Two glasses of whiskey please.

Wildlife – Africa is full of amazing wildlife.

Wine – The south of France produces a lot of wine.

Wisdom – The old women in the mountains have great wisdom.

Wood – The house is built from various types of wood.

Wool – She knits with different colours of wool.

Work ∗ – He has had a long career encompassing many types of work.



Yeast – Use three grams of yeast to make the bread.

Yoga – The sisters both practise yoga.

Youth – Youth is wasted on the young.



Zinc – We need a lot of zinc for this experiment.

Zoology – She studies zoology at university.

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