What is the difference between accept and except?


Definitions: Verb

  1. consent to receive or undertake (something offered).
  2. believe or come to recognize (a proposition) as valid or correct.
  3. tolerate or submit to (something unpleasant or undesired).


  • Those on the outside readily accept the idea and wonder what all the fuss is about.
  • This is deflecting from your main purpose of persuading the people present to accept your argument.



  1. Preposition – not including; other than.
  2. Conjunction – used before a statement that forms an exception to one just made.
  3. Verb – specify as excluded from a category or group.


  • I was naked except for my hat.
  • He didn’t tell her anything, except that he needed to take the car.
  • A search of our files revealed we were up-to-date and all papers, with two titles excepted, had been sent.


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