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30 May 2022: Featured translator: Anton. Featured editor: Saieed.

28 May 2022: You can now link to your Academia profile. Edit Profile

22 May 2023: Member profiles are now being scanned for inclusion in existing and future sub directories. Be sure to update your “subject areas” and “language pairs” (translators) fields. Edit Profile

21 May 2023: You can now embed a YouTube video on your profile. Edit Profile

17 May 2023: CVs and resumes can be uploaded to profiles. This is optional. Uploaded CVs and resumes are only visible to logged-in visitors.

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Why Join the Bridger Jones Directory?

Why Join the Bridger Jones Directories? The Best of Both Worlds  Our project managers will approach** you with suitable editing, proofreading and translation work after clients order through the central ordering system. You will already have been assessed, signed...