What’s happening with the Bridger Jones community?

Member Movements



04 September 2023: New sub directory: Anatomy and Physiology.

01 September 2023: Premium members can now find the project page via a link at the bottom of all Bridger Jones web pages.



14 August 2023: New sub directory: Finance and Accounting.

09 August 2023: Premium members can now add Linktree links to their profile page.

03 July 2023: Premium members can now add Google Scholar, ResearchGate and Academia links to their profile page.

03 July 2023: New sub directory: Archaeology

23 June 2023: New sub directory: Poetry

13 June 2023: New Sub directory: Oncology

08 June 2023: New Sub Directory: Geology

Blog Posts

The Limitations of Generative AI in Editing Research Articles: The Incomparable Value of Human Editors

Although generative AI models have made significant progress, their shortcomings become apparent when used for editing research articles. The unique human qualities necessary for the editing process, such as contextual comprehension, critical analysis, creativity, linguistic flexibility, ethical considerations, and collaborative nature, cannot be duplicated by AI.