What is the difference between ad and add?


Definitions: Informal noun

  1. An advertisement.


  • Have you seen the latest television ad for Coca Cola?
  • There are too many ads on the radio.


Definitions: Verb

  1. join (something) to something else so as to increase the size, number, or amount.
  2. put in (an additional element, ingredient, etc.).
  3. put together (two or more numbers or amounts) to calculate their total value.
  4. seem reasonable or consistent; make sense.
  5. amount to
  6. say as a further remark.


  • Add the herbs, some salt and pepper and the chopped tomatoes or passata to the casserole.
  • A new student was added to the class.
  • The curtains will add a touch of class to your bedroom.
  • Many things in your story didn’t add up.
  • ‘I hope we haven’t been any trouble,’ she added, sounding worried.

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