If you are working on a paper with colleagues, you must create an APA title page with multiple authors, listing their names and institutional affiliations. You can find an APA title page example here.

Author’s name

Use the same name throughout your academic career to help with indexing and citations. Names should follow the format: first name – middle initial(s) – last name.

Example: John A. B. Smith

Being consistent with names in publication is particularly important when institutional affiliation changes over the course of an academic career.

What is an institutional affiliation?

An affiliation identifies the place of places the research was carried out, and these are most commonly institutions. If an author has no institutional affiliation, mention their city; state, province, county and country. Below you will find name examples and institutional affiliation examples.

The institutional affiliation should be underneath the author’s name on the next line, and centred.

APA author byline examples

One author, no affiliation

John A. B. Smith
Oxford, England

Two authors, one affiliation

John A. B. Smith and Jane X. Y. Green
Oxford University

Three authors, one affiliation

John A. B. Smith, Jane X. Y. Green and Peter A. Black
Oxford University

Two authors, two affiliations

David B. Brown
Durham University

Pamela Purple
University of York

Three authors, two affiliations

Barry Blue and Eric Z. Yellow
University of Sussex

William White
University of Essex