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A girl takes a photograph

Common collocations with “take”

A list of the common collocations with the word take. Discover which words are frequently found with take and learn with example sentences.

Words often found with go

Common Collocations with Go

What are the common collocations with go? What words are frequently used with go in English? A list of go collocations with example sentences.

Common collocations with give

Common Collocations with Give

Common collocations with give including example sentences.

Common Collocations with Pay

Common Collocations with Pay

A list of common uses of the word pay with example sentences Pay a fine If you break the law, you sometimes have to pay a fine. Pay attention Pupils who pay attention at school perform better in exams. Pay by credit card You can shop online and pay by credit card. Pay cash Can ...

common collocations with up

Common Collocations with UP

A list of the common collocations with the word up Grow up When you grow up all this practice will come in useful. Grown up You can be considered grown up when you are 18 years old. Push up We will want to avoid a further decline for fear that import price rises will push ...