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English irregular verbs free pdf

370 Irregular English Verbs

The ultimate list of irregular English verbs. Free pdf download. Take the irregular verbs quiz and get an IMMEDIATE GRADE.


Definite and Indefinite Articles – A, An, The – Test Yourself

The grammar of definite and indefinite articles in English is always tricky for ESL learners and writers. Tap or click an answer to see if you are correct. Good luck. Tell us how you did and ask us questions in the comments below. You can use your Facebook or Twitter account to comment. Take a ...

Rent, Hire and Let

Learn how to use rent, hire and let in English with example sentences.

Practical English – Here and There

Using "here" and "there" correctly when writing and speaking English.

Nouns Ending in “O”

How to form plurals of nouns ending with o. Some nouns ending with 0 form the plural with s or es, and some can use both. Is it flamingos or flamingoes?