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The Bridger Jones Academic Phrasebook


The Bridger Jones Academic Phrasebook is a general resource for academic writers. It makes explicit the most common phraseological elements of academic writing.

More than 25,000 words: Academic phrases and notes on academic writing.

The vast majority of phrases in this resource have been taken from authentic academic sources. The corpus from which the phrases were ‘harvested’ consists of over 1000 dissertations completed at  universities in the UK and the USA. However, phrases from academic articles drawn from a broad spectrum of disciplines have also been, and continue to be, incorporated.


Major Sections

Introducing work, referring to literature, describing methods, reporting results, discussing findings and writing conclusions.

General Functions

From being critical, comparing and contrasting, describing trends and defining terms to explaining causality and writing about the past.

100% Online

The Academic Phrasebook is digital, allowing you to easily find what you need with the click of a mouse or the tap of a finger.


Notes on Writing

Learn everything you need to know about academic style, British and US spelling, using articles, paragraph structure, and much more.



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