Common collocations with “Get”

  1. get a job – I hope I get the job.
  2. get angry – I will get very angry soon.
  3. get divorced – Sadly, we are getting divorced.
  4. get dressed – The first thing I do in the morning is get dressed.
  5. get drunk – She got drunk and fell over.
  6. get home – I can’t wait to get home.
  7. get lost – The boys got lost in the woods.
  8. get married – John and Jane are getting married.
  9. get nowhere – I am getting nowhere with this maths problem.
  10. get permission – You need to get permission to enter this office.
  11. get pregnant – My wife took 2 years to get pregnant.
  12. get ready – We need to get ready for our holiday.
  13. get the impression – I got the impression she was a little preoccupied.
  14. get the message – I understand, I get the message.
  15. get the sack – John got the sack from his job this morning.
  16. get a shock – I got the shock of my life when John told me he is a vampire.
  17. get started – I am looking forward to getting started on my new project.
  18. get upset – I knew John would get upset when he got the sack.
  19. get wet – You get wet in the rain.

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get started - Commom collocations with get-

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