A list of the common collocations with the word give

Give advice

  • He gave me good advice.

Give an answer

  • John always gives perfect answers in class.

Give birth

  • She gave birth to a beautiful girl.

Give a chance (provide opportunity or space/time)

  • He gave me a chance and I took it gladly.

Give a choice

  • I was given no choice; I had to go to the boring lecture.

Give credit (lend money/acknowledge someone’s role)

  • I hope the bank gives us credit.
  • Newspapers give credit to their photographers.

Give an example

  • John gave Iceland as an example of a cold country.

Give a headache

  • That loud music is giving me a headache.

Give a hug or a kiss

  • Come here and give me a kiss!

Give the impression

  • That man gave the impression he wasn’t telling the whole truth.

Give a lecture, speech or performance

  • The president will give a long speech.

Give an opinion

  • Many people gave their opinion at the meeting.

Give priority

  • On British roundabouts you give priority to traffic from the right.

Give up (quit)

  • I gave up smoking after 20 years.

Common collocations with give bridger-jones.com


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