What words are often found with the word go?

Remember: Go is an irregular verb.

Infinitive – to go

Simple Past – went

Past Participle – gone

Collocation Example Sentence
go abroad I think we should go abroad on holiday this year.
go astray – (away from the correct path {behaviour}) John will go astray if he becomes friends with Bad Jack.
go bad The milk will go bad if it is not kept in the fridge.
go bald Many men go bald at an early age.
go bankrupt – (declared in law to be unable to pay debts) The company is about to go bankrupt.
go blind The old cat is starting to go blind.
go crazy – (angry) The old man is going to go crazy.
go deaf Many old people go deaf.
go fishing I would like to go fishing this weekend.
go mad – (angry) My parents will go mad if they catch me smoking.
go missing Cats often go missing in the city.
go on foot I don’t have a car, so I will go on foot
go online Go online and learn about writing correct English.
go out of business The farmer is going out of business.
go overseas I often go overseas on business trips.
go quiet When the solar eclipse takes place, everything will go quiet.
go sailing I like to go sailing at the weekend.
go to war I hope we don’t go to war.

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