Common collocations with “keep” with example sentences

  1. keep a diary – I keep a diary and write in it every day.
  2. keep a promise – Can I trust you to keep a promise?
  3. keep a secret – Can I trust you to keep a secret?
  4. keep an appointment – It is polite to keep your appointments.
  5. keep calm – Keep calm and carry on.
  6. keep control – The police failed to keep control of the crowd.
  7. keep in touch – Keep in touch by writing me letters.
  8. keep quiet – We must keep quiet because the baby is sleeping.
  9. keep someone’s place – John kept Jane’s place in the queue.
  10. keep the change – The waiter was good, shall we let him keep the change?
  11. Keep up – I can’t keep up with Bob because he walks too quickly.

keep a secret common english collocations

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