A list of common uses of the word pay with example sentences

Pay a fine

  • If you break the law, you sometimes have to pay a fine.

Pay attention

  • Pupils who pay attention at school perform better in exams.

Pay by credit card

  • You can shop online and pay by credit card.

Pay cash

  • Can I pay cash or should I pay by credit card?

Pay interest

  • If you take a loan, you always have to pay interest.

(Interest = a charge for borrowed money generally a percentage of the amount borrowed)

Pay someone a compliment

  • She feels good when he pays her a compliment.

Pay someone a visit

  • Every Sunday John and Jane pay their mother a visit.

Pay the bill

  • John always insists on paying the bill.

Pay one’s respects

  • Solomon died and the brothers went to the funeral to pay their respects.




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