A list of the common collocations with the word save

  1. Save electricity – We need to turn the lights off to save electricity.
  2. Save energy – We need to switch the lights off to save energy. Don’t walk too quickly, save your energy for later.
  3. Save money – If we want a new car, we must save more money.
  4. Save one’s strength – You have been very ill, rest in bed and save your strength.
  5. Save someone a seat – John always saves Jane a seat on the bus.
  6. Save someone’s life – Jane pulled John away from the speeding car; she saved his life.
  7. Save something to a disk – Save your computer files to disk for safety.
  8. Save space – If we pack the car properly, we can save a lot of space.
  9. Save time – If we plan the journey properly, we can save a lot of time.
  10. Save yourself the trouble – He won’t appreciate a birthday cake, save yourself the trouble (Don’t make the cake).
  11. Save a penalty/shot – The goalkeeper stretched to save the penalty.
  12. Save the environment – We need to preserve trees if we want to save the environment.


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Saving money


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