A girl takes a photograph

She takes her time to take the perfect picture.

What words are often used with the word take?

Take a holiday/vacation

  • John and Jane decided to take a holiday in Spain.

Take a break

  • Stop working and take a break.

Take someone’s place – stand in; substitute

  • Will you take my place in the queue? I need to sit down.

Take place – occur

  • Nobody knows what takes place at those meetings.

Take care of – look after; organise

  • John takes care of his sick grandmother.
  • Janes takes care of the household finances.

Take a chance – grab an opportunity

  • If you don’t take a chance, you will never progress at work.

Take a test/an exam

  • I have to take my driving test next week.
  • How many exams have you taken already?

Take a photograph/picture

A girl takes a selfie

This girl is taking a look at herself before taking a selfie.

Take a look

  • Come and take a look at my stamp collection.

Take cover

  • Bombs were falling and the soldiers took cover behind the barn.

Take exercise

  • Doctors advise to take regular exercise.

Take a bath/shower

  • John takes a shower every morning, and enjoys taking a bath on Sundays.

Take an interest in 

  • I am so happy when my students take an interest in common collocations.

Take a taxi/bus/plane/train

  • I took a taxi to the airport, and then took a plane to Indonesia.

Take one’s time – without rushing

  • She took her time writing her second novel.
  • Take your time to have a good look at all the paintings in the museum.

Take for granted – fail to appreciate through familiarity; assume to be true without question.

  • The boys took their mother’s hard work for granted.
  • It was taken for granted that John and Jane would be together forever.


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