A list of the common collocations with the word up

Grow up

  • When you grow up all this practice will come in useful.

Grown up

  • You can be considered grown up when you are 18 years old.

Push up

  • We will want to avoid a further decline for fear that import price rises will push up inflation.
  • He does 100 push ups every day to build his strength.

Close up

  • It was nine o’clock when she decided to close up the shop.
  • In this photograph you see wild flowers in close up detail.

Sit up

  • He does 100 sit ups every day to build his strength.
  • It is good for your back if you sit up straight in your chair.

Sign up

Do up

  • I have some paint and wallpaper so I am going to do up my apartment.
  • He is doing up his old car.

Get up

  • She likes to get up at 9 o’clock in the morning.

Follow up

  • Please follow up on the story you wrote last week.
  • The scientist did good follow-up work on his research.

Way up

  • What is the safest way up the mountain?
  • He lives way up north in the Arctic Circle.

Hang up

  • Please hang up the phone and dial again.
  • You can hang up your coat on the hook.
  • Don’t get hung up on the details, look at the bigger picture.

Warm up

  • Come and warm up by the fire.
  • The athletes warm up by jogging lightly before the big race.

Blow up

  • Let’s blow up the photograph and make it much bigger.
  • You can blow up the ball with an air pump.
  • A lot of trouble is going to blow up after this.
  • A bomb can blow up a building.

Make up

  • They had an argument and they need to make up.
  • She wears too much make-up.
  • I have made up a bed for you upstairs.

Start up

  • I am trying to start up the engine.
  • He is planning to start up his business again.

Look up

  • They looked up at the stars.
  • I am going to Taiwan to look up an old friend.
  • I can look up the meaning of words in a dictionary.

Pick up

  • Do you pick up hitchhikers?
  • I am taking a truck to pick up my new washing machine.
  • Can you pick up some milk for me?
  • Please pick up your clothes from the floor.

Shut up

  • If you are impolite and wish to tell someone to be quiet, you may tell them to shut up.
  • At 5 o’clock it is time to shut up the shop.

Weigh up

  • The judge weighs up all the evidence before making a decision.

Light up

  • He lit up a cigarette.
  • The fireworks light up the night sky.

Wrap up

  • I enjoy wrapping up Christmas presents.
  • Let’s wrap up this meeting, it is late.

Open up

  • He started to open up, to tell me everything.
  • The police banged on the door and shouted “open up“.

What’s up?

  • What’s up? = How are you? How are things?

Fed up

  • He is fed up with all the stress at work.

Shape up

  • This is shaping up to be a great post about collocations with “up”.
  • It is shaping up to be a good year for the new government.


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