As many of you already know, Bridger Jones is based in the Netherlands. The Netherlands is taking urgent steps to control the spread of Covid-19 and has today announced stabilisation. Bridger Jones founder Michael Jones says he’s committed to making employees’ health the top priority, while at the same time ensuring full business continuity since the company must preserve each employee’s job throughout (and after) the outbreak.

Bridger Jones has already drawn up comprehensive plans to keep editing services up and running during COVID-19:

  • Many of our employees are already working remotely. Fortunately, having cooperated with the best talents globally for many years, we are experts on remote working in the industry, and we already had systems in place to do so.
  • The management team is currently working hard to allow a greater number of employees to work from home and avoid travel thanks to new processes and technologies, all in record time.

The Good News

Our editing services are running as usual, with the Bridger Jones editing network already working remotely and all services fully operational. 

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