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What are responses and revisions?

When you submit your manuscript to your target journal, you and your co-authors may be asked to make revisions to your manuscript in response to comments and suggestions from the editor(s) and/or reviewers.

These comments and suggestions will commonly concern changes to study design, methodology, presentation of results, the literature review, robustness checks etc.

How should you deal with responses and revisions?

First, you should make any revisions you need to make within the original manuscript, keeping new content coloured blue (see example here).


Bridger Jones leave revisions in blue

Second, you should create a separate document in which to list and detail your responses and revisions (see template here).

Third, you should prepare and package your documents for further editing and proofreading.

How should you submit your responses and revisions to Bridger Jones?

Once you have completed your responses and revisions and are happy with your new manuscript, simply upload the documents to Bridger Jones for further editing and proofreading before re-submitting to your target journal.

When placing your new order, be sure to provide a word count for any new content. This new content will include your revisions/additions in blue within the original manuscript and your responses (commonly in the form of explanations) in your responses document.