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Our Editing and proofreading  service for academics covers all types of academic documents, such as journal articles, manuscripts, research papers, conference papers and lecture notes.

In such a competitive research environment, every academic document must be written in fluent and error-free English, no matter how original and cutting-edge the research. Academic publishers employ a rigorous submission process and a common obstacle to publication is poorly written English and a lack of professional editing and proofreading.

How it works

Free abstract editing and proofreading - no registration required gets your article published in journals through the provision of perfect academic English

The Numbers

  • We have helped academics publish in over 220 journals.
  • We have edited manuscripts for academics in 58 countries.
  • We have edited over 1700 abstracts, completely free.
  • We have more than 120 PhDs, Masters and active researchers working for you.
  • We edited and refined 2.7 million words in 2015.
  • We have 1 motto: Make no Mistake.

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