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English Editing and English Proofreading for Journal Publication

How academic English editing can help get your manuscript accepted and published in academic journals
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Academics often ask us for advice on how to get published in peer reviewed academic journals. The best advice we can give, after ensuring your content is relevant and adheres to the publisher’s guidelines, is to ensure the writing is perfect by using professional manuscript editors. As industry insiders, we know that manuscripts with grammatical and spelling errors are quickly discarded, so using an academic English editing service is essential.

Academic expertise covering all disciplines


Medical Sciences

Subject expertise examples:
cancer research, anatomy, epidemiology, physiology and many more.

Our users publish in:
Advances in Medical Science, American Journal of Physiology and many more.

Life Sciences

Subject expertise examples:
biological chemistry, microbiology, ecology and many more.

Our users publish in:
BioTechniques, Genetica, Insectes Sociaux and many more.

Physical Sciences

Subject expertise examples:
polymer physics, computational chemistry, toxicology and many more.

Our users publish in:
ChemComm, Modern Physics Letters A and many more.

Social Sciences

Subject expertise examples:
anthropology, political science, law, linguistics  and many more.

Our users publish in:
Social Forces, The Journal of Modern History, ICSID Review and many more.

Business and Economics

Subject expertise examples:
finance and accounting, strategy and organization, business strategy and many more.

Our users publish in:
Journal of Futures Markets, Small Business Economics and many more.

Miscellaneous Academic

Expertise examples:
academic CV, letters, proposals, responses to reviewers, journal communications and many more.

Assistant/Associate Professor, Postdoc, Research Assistant and many more.

Gold Journal Service

We offer an extended editing and proofreading service aimed at researchers.

Your article may be on the cutting edge of research, but it may not be getting the recognition that it deserves. With ever-increasing standards of excellence in publishing, an article needs to be in its best possible form when it is submitted for publication – that includes spelling, grammar and style corrections, as well as factual, accurate data.

If you would like English academic editing assistance either before submitting an article for peer review or before it is accepted for publication, let us help you fine-tune your grammar, correct your conjugations and keep your reader engaged. We have the style sheets and guidelines of the major journal publishers, meaning we know exactly how to get your manuscript accepted and published.  Give us a try and use our free abstract editing service.

How else can you benefit from academic English editing?

Perfect Proposals
Perfect Conference Papers
Perfect Conference Posters
Perfect Speeches
Perfect Academic Job Applications
Perfect Academic Blogs

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What people are saying


Overall a good experience. The editors are professional and responsible. They mailed me with several sentences which were not clear in my articles, I was allowed to rewrite them and they  helped me proofreading the revisions for free.


The editors are quite professional and experts in my study field. The editing and proofreading works were completed efficiently with detailed feedback on grammar, structure, contents and references. Thanks a lot!

Sonia Huang

Excellent Proofreading. We worked together in MS Word and Overleaf. My editors were there to help from the first draft until publication.
I recommend completely, especially for LaTex users!

C. Kroon

I am very happy with the editors work. My manuscript was returned to me well within the agreed period, all changes make perfect sense and the editors comments are very valuable and to the point. There is no doubt in my mind that this has improved my manuscript and I will absolutely use this service again in the future.

Hella de Jong

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