English Editing and Proofreading for the Academic Publishing Industry

A Partnership Proposal

We would like to provide your journal or family of journals the service of perfectly written academic English.

We offer deep editing and proofreading for researchers with English as a second language (ESL), and proofreading for native English writers.

Authors and partner journals and publishers enjoy a considerable (10%) discount on the standard rates.

Speed up your journal's editorial process

Speed up the editorial process

Increase the quality of submissions

Increase the quality of submissions

Increase the number of submissions

Increase the number of submissions

Increase your journal's citation rate and impact factor

Increase citation rate and impact factor

All Materials Ready

You can speed up the editorial process between submission and publication by ensuring the English in manuscripts is at native speaker standard before it reaches your inbox.

You can save time by allowing us to ensure your style guide is rigorously adhered to. We will follow precisely your guide on technical formatting and layout, as well as your style preferences.

If your style guide stipulates use of the APA style, the Oxford comma, and 2.5cm margins, then manuscripts will come to you with all those things in place.

Free Service

bridger-jones.com offers researchers around the world a free abstract editing service, which not only corrects English language, but renders the abstract clear, concise, descriptive and searchable.

More Submissions

We edit and proofread an average of 300,000 words for researchers each month. The majority of the writers we work with have yet to decide upon a journal for their article when they send it to us. We can recommend your journal to the appropriate researchers. We will create links to your journal or journals and heavily publicise your calls for papers on our various social media platforms and in newsletters.

The Work We Do

We take great pleasure in helping international researchers get the recognition they deserve by removing the obstacle of flawed English to the publication of their research papers.

The editing involves the correction of all language mistakes. We correct spelling, grammar and punctuation. We also improve written English. While content will never be altered, structure and vocabulary will be improved to give the work better flow and make it concise and coherent.

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Save 8%

Save 8%

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