English Proofreading for Professional Translators

Why is Proofreading Important in Translation?

Translation Proofreading is the Final Stage of the Translation Process.

Just as you need human translators for important texts, you need human proofreaders to make sure they are perfect.

Once your text is translated, our proofreaders will go through the text to spot any errors. Simple grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors can change the entire meaning of a sentence as well as make the translator appear unprofessional.how-it-works-bridger-jones-com

Translation companies and freelance translators employ our team of proofreaders to undertake multiple reviews of the translated document before it is considered final and ready to send to the client.

Human Translators Need Human Proofreaders

Grammar Punctuation Spelling
Formatting Typos Style
Visual Consistency Abbreviations Acronyms
Sentence Structure Paragraph Structure Word Count
Words and Phrases Capitalisation Spacing

We know your needs as a translator are complex, so send us a message to get started and we can send you a price quote.

Prices start from as little as €19 (Euro) per 1000 words, payable in any currency.




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