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We are official partners!

Members of ISR are entitled to a 10% discount on all English language editing and proofreading projects.

Just upload a photo of your ISR membership card and send us your English writing.

What can you send?

Anything written in English!

  • Essays
  • Dissertation or thesis (Bachelor’s, Master’s, PhD)
  • Proposals
  • CV/Resume
  • Internship and job application letters
  • Applications for further study

Our pricing is simple (Euros)

Edit and proofread in 24 hours €0.035/word -10% ISR Member
Edit and proofread in 3 days €0.031/word -10% ISR Member
Edit and proofread in 7 days €0.028/word -10% ISR Member
Edit and proofread in 10 days €0.023/word -10% ISR Member


You can pay in any currency from anywhere in the world

Pay for English editing and proofreading via Alipay, ideal, paypal, credit card



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International Students Rotterdam is the only association that covers all of the higher education institutions in Rotterdam:

Save 8%

Save 8%

Join the fastest growing English editing agency in the world. SAVE 8%


Welcome! Discount code: BJ16ENGLISH

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