Editing and Proofreading LaTex Files

We can edit and proofread your English LaTex documents in raw LaTex, Lyx or MS Word.

How it Works

It is easy to order your English proofreading and editing project. Your documents and payments are 100% secure.

Writing a Cover Letter to Academic Journals

Free pdf download - how to write a cover letter to the editor when submitting to academic journals. Use our convenient letter template.

A student learns how to write a perfect introduction to his thesis.

How to write the introduction of a thesis or dissertation

Learn how to write the introduction of your thesis or dissertation. This guide includes the elements you should include.

How to write the perfect internship letter

How to write the perfect internship letter

How to write an internship cover letter. When applying for a company internship position, this is the experience, skills and information a recruiter wants to read about.

Dissertation editing and proofreading

How to structure your thesis or dissertation – a pdf guide

Make your life easier and plan the writing of your dissertation. Follow our PDF guide and give your dissertation a correct and simple structure.

Ben Goldacre – Battling Bad Science

Ben Goldacre Battling Bad Science Video Ted Talk


The Asian Barometer Program

Learn about the Asian Barometer Program from the The Center for East Asia Democratic Studies

Bridger Jones Integrates Alipay

English editing and proofreading for Chinese scholars and students now available for purchase through Alipay.

How and Where can I Publish my Research Paper?

The simple process of submitting and publishing an academic paper in a journal.

24 tips for effective studying and learning

24 Study Tips of Top Students

24 tips for effective study and learning. Top students have shared their studying secrets.

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