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Included with every order!


We correct all spelling mistakes in the main text, headings, contents tables, figures, diagrams and footnotes.



We correct all grammar mistakes: Subject-verb agreements; sentence fragments; vague pronouns, etc.



We correct your punctuation mistakes and structure your sentences the correct way. Never misuse a comma again.


We make sure there is the correct spacing between your words, sentences and paragraphs.


We make sure you introduce your acronyms and use them correctly and consistently.

Duplication and repetition

Our editors are experts at spotting direct and indirect repetition. We will make your writing concise.


We make sure you use the appropriate tense for each section of your writing project.


Whichever style you follow, we will make sure your references are correctly formatted (Jones et al., 2022).

Tables, figures and diagrams

We never forget to examine the English in your tables, figures and diagrams.


Provide a link to your journal’s formatting guidelines and we make sure your paper complies. (Note: this service adds 15% to the price).

Turnitin similarity reduction

Provide a copy of your Turnitin similarity report and your editors will drastically reduce the similarity score (Note: this service adds 20% to the price).

Two experts

Our unique and comprehensive service gives you two native English editors and proofreaders for every project.


Included with every order!

Structure improvement

We will improve the structure of your sentences, paragraphs, sections and chapters.

Constructive feedback

Your editors will give you constructive feedback in the form of comments and suggestions.

Vocabulary improvement

Your vocabulary will be improved to make your writing clearer and more academic.

Clarity check

We make sure your text is logical and the ideas and concepts are clearly presented. We highlight any contradictions or inconsistencies.

Two experts

Every document receives the attention of two expert Native English editors and proofreaders.

Native English editors


All the editors in the network are rigorously tested to ensure they reach the high Bridger Jones standards.

Top graduates and active researchers

The editors working on your project have graduated the world’s top universities and many are active researchers.

Two editors

Every project receives the attention of two of our native English editors. Two heads are better than one!


Microsoft Word

You can upload all versions of MS Word documents. We use the Track Changes and Comments function.

Apple Pages

You can provide Apple Pages documents. We use the Track Changes and Comments function.


You can send us Lyx latex documents. We use the Track Changes and Comments function.


You can send us Overleaf projects. We use the Track Changes and Comments function.

Google Docs

You can provide us with Google Docs links. We use the Suggesting and Comments functions.

Gold Journal Service

New content

Free editing and proofreading of new and revised content in your manuscript.


We edit your responses to reviewers. These usually comprise explanations for changes you have made to your manuscript.


Send us the email you intend to send for submissions, and we edit it for free.

Pricing & payments

Simple pricing

Our prices are simple and only vary by turnaround time. The proofreading and deep editing service is always comprehensive.

Receipts in your currency

You can order receipts in your own currency to use for reimbursement.

Many methods

You can pay by Alipay, WeChat Pay, Apple Pay, Credit Card, Paypal, iDEAL, and many other methods.


You can pre-pay for a quicker and easier project ordering process and as a smart way to utilise research budgets.

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