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Have a Sample of Your Dissertation Corrected for Free (300 words) offers a free dissertation proofreading and editing sample with perfect English as a service to students around the world. Our expert native English editors will correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors and make suggestions to ensure that your dissertation is clear and concise.

Note: Only entire dissertations will be considered for this free editing service. Please do not upload a file if it is not a complete dissertation.

Free dissertation sample editing and proofreading


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Excellent service! Their work is fast and accurate. I ordered  a 24H service for more than 5,000 words and received the manuscript within 21 hours. They check not only words but also go through the structural review. They also didn’t mind clarifying questions via chat. Moreover, they keep track of the status of their work on a web-based project page where all the information can be found. I used the free dissertation proofreading service before ordering.


I am very happy with the editors work. My manuscript was returned to me well within the agreed period, all changes make perfect sense and the editors comments are very valuable and to the point. There is no doubt in my mind that this has improved my manuscript and I will absolutely use this service again in the future.


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