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Welcome! These English writing pdf downloads are free.

Hello English writer, our native English editors and proofreaders work together to bring you these useful guides to writing in English and practical English usage.


Download your ultimate list of English irregular verbs

English  has many irregular verbs, approaching 200 in normal, everyday use. In most cases, the irregularity occurs in the past tense or the past participle.

Download your guide and template to writing a cover letter when submitting a manuscript to academic journals

Follow this guide and use the template to write a clear and concise letter to the editor of your target academic journal.

Download your APA 6th Edition Microsoft Word template

You can use this Microsoft Word template when you are writing according to the latest, 6th edition, APA style guide.

Download your list of 101 irregular English verbs

Download your guide to the top 10 mistakes made when writing in English

We have edited thousands of English documents at bridger-jones.com. Our editors have noticed some common errors made by writers with English as a second language (ESL). They have kindly compiled this list to make the process of writing in English easier for you. Follow these simple rules and you will be 10 steps closer to writing perfect English.

Download your guide to writing professional business letters and emails

In a world where first impressions count for so much, don’t let your English let you down. Learn to write perfect business letters and emails. Compose your communications in the correct style and tone with the aid of our convenient guide.

Download your guide to using capital letters in English writing

Here are the rules for capitalisation in written English. Most of these rules are obligatory, but some are optional.

Download your list of uncountable nouns

Uncountable nouns are names for things that cannot be counted with numbers. They are the names for abstract ideas, concepts or qualities or for objects that are too small or too vague to be counted. Uncountable nouns agree with a singular verb form. They do not usually take a plural form and do not use the indefinite article (a/an).

Download your guide to structuring your thesis

It is always useful to plan your thesis. Planning helps to keep you focused and enables you to allocate your time appropriately. Having a clear view of the structure of your thesis helps you concentrate on the individual elements as well as apply a coherent approach and argument across the entire work. A clear structure allows your reader to navigate your work easily, keeping them interested and engaged.

Download your guide to writing English for an international audience

Our native English editors have helped hundreds of businesses perfect their campaign messages and communications and have put their heads together to provide you with this guide to writing English for an international audience. A clear message in English is vital in a globalised world of travellers, international students and economic migrants who are often better acquainted with English than an indigenous language.

Download your guide to using Track Changes in Microsoft programmes

Your bridger-jones.com editors will use Track Changes to make changes and leave comments inside your document. Learn how to use this simple function with this convenient guide.

Download your list of the 3000 most common words in academic written English

These words are vital if you are writing articles, essays or a dissertation, or if you are taking exams in academic English.

Download Practical English Usage: Lessons 1 -10

You can click and move around the document easily. Here are the first 10 lessons of our series on Practical English Usage.

  • Hope
  • Life
  • Nowadays
  • Tall and High
  • Hire, Rent and Let
  • Help
  • Can’t Help
  • Arise and Rise
  • Plural same as singular
  • Begin and Start

Download Practical English Usage: Lessons 11-20

You can click and move around the document easily. Here are  lessons 11-20 of our series on Practical English Usage.
  • Assume and Presume
  • Gossip
  • Every day and Everyday
  • Who or Whom
  • Parts of Speech
  • Farther and Further
  • It’s and Its
  • Practise and Practice
  • Live and Stay
  • Female, Male, Feminine and Masculine

Download Practical English Usage: Lessons 21-30

You can click and move around the document easily. Here are lessons 21-30 of our series on Practical English Usage.

  • Into and In To
  • Common irregular plural nouns A -D
  • Common irregular plural nouns  E – I
  • Common irregular plural nouns J – P
  • Common irregular plural nouns Q – S
  • Common irregular plural nouns T – Z
  • Mustn’t and Don’t have to – Modal Verbs
  • Speak and Talk
  • Imply and Infer
  • Here and There

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