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Vetted experts

Our subject experts are rigorously tested. They hold advanced degrees and some are active researchers.

Guaranteed quality

Your editors work with you until your manuscript is perfect. They seek clarifications when needed.

Free second review

If you have any queries or doubts, your editors take another look at your manuscript for free.

Free certificate

Your certificate confirms your paper was edited by native English speakers. Ideal for journal submission.

A variety of formats

Microsoft Word, Overleaf, Apple Pages, Google Docs, Lyx and all LaTex types.

Ultimate flexibility

Take advantage of turnaround times ranging from 12 hours to 10 days.

Pre-pay options

Individuals, departments and institutions can pre-pay, making ordering quick and easy.

You get published

Our customer satisfaction rate reflects how often customer papers are accepted and published.

Find out how we’re making researchers happy

Getting published requires native English subject experts

The numbers


Research papers

We have been helping researchers publish for 8 years. We know what’s required.


Satisfaction rate

Our customers are happy because their papers get published in their target journals.



Our high-quality native English editors and proofreaders cover a wide range of subject areas and disciplines.

We worked together in MS Word and Overleaf. My editors were there to help from the first draft until publication”
C. Kroon
Excellent job, unbeatable price, returned the document to me two days early! The best language editing company I’ve used.”
Zhengrong Yang

Find out how we’re making researchers happy

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