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English editing and proofreading in three simple steps.
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Order and pay

  • Provide your document(s)
  • Calculate your price by word count and turnaround time.
  • Tell us about your specific requirements.
  • Submit your order.
  • Make your payment.

We get to work

  • You receive your due date and time email.
  • You paper is plugged into ChatGPT for AI translation or proofreading.
  • Two editors then work on your project.
  • Your editors are native English subject experts.
  • The editing and proofreading is comprehensive.
  • Your editors contact you via chat apps for any clarifications needed.
  • Your edited files are returned by email before your deadline.

The finishing touches

  • Accept or reject your editors’ changes.
  • Changes are visible in all formats (Word, Pages, Overleaf, Lyx etc.)
  • Ask questions day and night.
  • Apply for your free editing certificate if needed.
  • We delete your work after six months, or sooner or later as you wish.

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