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Podcast: The Reoccurring Tragedy of Geopolitics

Geopolitical dilemmas are not simplistic battles of good versus evil with clear choices. Instead, they represent clashes between competing goods, where the decisions involved are often painful, incompatible, and carry significant consequences. This perspective is put forth by political scientist Robert Kaplan, who engages in a conversation with political philosopher John Gray. They explore the utilization of insights from Greek tragedians like Aeschylus, Sophocles, and Euripides, as well as works by Shakespeare, modern philosophers, and classic authors, to gain a deeper understanding of key aspects of international politics. These aspects include concepts such as order, disorder, rebellion, ambition, loyalty to family and state, violence, and the errors committed by those in power. Additionally, the conversation delves into how adopting a tragic lens can inform the Western world’s approach to navigating current challenges posed by Russia and China.