A dog with loose skin.

This dog has loose skin, but he won’t lose it.

What is the difference between lose and loose?

Lose is a verb

to cease to have or retain; be deprived of; no longer have possession of; become unable to find

  • Don’t lose the car keys.
  • Madrid will lose the football match.
  • Jane lost the baby in childbirth.

Loose is an adjective and a verb

Adjective: not tight or firm; not well-fitting; not safely in place

  • My shirt is big and loose.
  • The dog is loose.
  • The little girl had a loose tooth.

Verb: to release; to set free

  • He loosed the attack dogs.

Test yourself

1. Which sentence is correct?
Don’t lose your bank card.
<3 🙂
Don’t loose your bank card.
2. Which sentence is correct?
It is easy to lose her respect.
<3 🙂
It is easy to loose her respect.
3. Which sentence is correct?
I don’t want to lose your friendship.
<3 🙂
I don’t want to loose your friendship.
4. Which sentence is correct?
You will lose marks for poor grammar and punctuation.
<3 🙂
You will loose marks for poor grammar and punctuation.


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