Murray J.
Currently Available
First Name
United States
Bio and Areas of Expertise
I have been enjoying working with authors and editing their texts since 1982. From 1982 to 1997, I was writing and editing in Japan where I worked with many ESL and EFL writers. After I returned to the United States in 1997, I began working with every type of writer: academics, students, scientists, financial experts, journalists, creative writers, and many others. On all projects, I follow my clients’ requests and meet all deadlines. I return an edited copy with all changes clearly indicated (tracked changes are in red). I also provide numerous comments and suggestions. I then follow up promptly on all e-mail messages to resolve any pending issues. I live in the Eastern Time Zone (North Carolina) and typically start my day at 6:00 a.m. and then edit until the day's work is done. I look forward to working with you. Thank you.
Subject Areas
English literature
creative writing
business English
journal articles
college essays
research articles (technical, medical, etc.)
BA English/Education at Wofford College 1980
MA Creative Writing at SUNY-Buffalo 1981
English Varieties
UK English
US English
Style Guides
Software Used
Microsoft Word
Google Docs
Adobe Acrobat
Specialist Software
Learn as needed
CV/Resume (PDF)
Rates (private hire)
1-day editing (500-10,000 words) $0.035 per word 2-day editing (500-20,000 words) $0.033 per word 3-day editing (500-30,000 words) $0.029 per word 5-day editing (500-40,000 words) $0.027 per word 7-day editing (5,000-50,000 words) $0.023 per word >7-day editing (50,000+ words) $0.022 per word
Payment Methods Accepted (private hire)
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