Plurals of nouns ending in O

Most nouns ending in form their plural by adding an s.

  • All nouns ending in a double vowel: igloos, studios
  • All abbreviated nouns: photos (photographs), discos (discotheques)
  • The majority of musical nouns: solos, sopranos
  • All nouns of Italian or Spanish origin: casinos, armadillos


There are 22 exceptions to this rule when forming plurals with nouns ending in O. These plural nouns end in es.

The frequently used words are in bold.

buffaloes mangoes
calicoes mosquitoes
cargoes noes
desperadoes peccadilloes
dingoes potatoes
dominoes stuccoes
echoes tomatoes
embargoes tornadoes
heroes torpedoes
innuendoes vetoes
jingoes volcanoes

These plurals can be formed with either es or s at the end. Nice and easy. 🙂

archipeligos archipeligoes
Eskimos Eskimoes
flamingos flamingoes
frescos frescoes
grottos grottoes
halos haloes
mementos mementoes
mottos mottoes
placebos placeboes
provisos provisoes
stilettos stilettoes
zeros zeroes




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