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When creating a blog or website, most people want to attract traffic, interest and conversions. They hope that people will read and respond positively to the content they share. Whether you’re publishing a thought leadership blog with white papers and industry specific articles, a serious technical website, or an e-commerce platform, grammar plays a significant role in connecting with your audience.

Publishing online is more than creating words on a page. Research consistently suggests that people with solid grammar skills, or those who pay professionals editors and proofreaders, outperform everyone else. In the business sector, for example, the Harvard Business Review published a survey of social media profiles conducted by Grammarly. The results showed that more grammar mistakes in social media profiles correlated with fewer promotions and inferior employment status.

A serious presence on the web requires perfect English.

English is the first language of the web. Three-quarters of the world’s digital communications are in English.

Subconscious Messages?

When you publish blog posts and web pages with grammatical errors, you communicate to your audience that you don’t care about the details, that you are not careful about presentation, that you are not thorough, and that you are unprofessional. These are not the attributes commonly associated with good business practice.

If you have difficulty with English grammar and spelling, or if English is your second language, using professional English editors and proofreaders can mean the difference between keeping a customer or not, engaging a reader or not, or making a sale or not. Editing and proofreading business content is an essential step in any online commercial publishing process.

Enjoy using the web and use it properly.