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As a network, we’ve developed a rigorous screening and testing process to identify the best English editors. We’re native English editors and proofreaders, and we look for great problem solvers with an eye for detail, a flair for writing and expertise in their fields. They are the type of people we want to work with ourselves.

Of the hundreds of applications Bridger Jones receives each month, we typically accept fewer than 5%.

We take the stress out of finding top quality freelancers for your editing and proofreading projects. We have already found them using the most rigorous screening process in the industry.

The Bridger Jones English editors and the screening and recruitment process

Initial testing

All potential English editors take an initial English editing and proofreading test. This test is timed and consists of multiple short editing tasks, English grammar exercises and logical reasoning tests.

Project test

Each candidate is assigned the same 1200 word test project to see how they cope with common ESL writer errors. The project tests competence, thoroughness, professionalism, and the ability to provide constructive criticism through comments.


If candidates pass the initial test and the project test, the third step in the screening process is a comprehensive language, personality, and communication interview. Candidates must be native English speakers and writers, and have extensive editing and proofreading experience  We also probe into personality, looking for passionate and driven individuals who are hands-on and fully engaged in their work. In addition, all certifications and qualifications are verified.

Continued excellence

Our editors undergo continuous quality checking as all projects pass through the Bridger Jones office for final checking before they are returned to clients.

The result

We accept fewer than 5% of candidates, guaranteeing you the very best native English editors and proofreaders.

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