A helpful guide to using Overleaf

Here at Bridger Jones we love to use Overleaf, the online Latex editor, and we are very impressed with version 2. We are compiling this list of tips to help you use Overleaf, and in particular, to help you with the process of English editing and proofreading with Bridger Jones.

How to find a shareable link in Overleaf

  1. Click the Share tab
  2. Turn on link sharing
  3. Copy the link (Anyone with this link can edit this project)

How to find a word count in Overleaf

  1. Click the Menu tab
  2. Click the Word Count tab
  3. Your word count is displayed

How to use Track Changes in Overleaf

  1. Click the Review tab
  2. Switch Track Changes on for Everyone
  3. All changes are then visible. You can accept or reject each change.
  4. Important: Track Changes is currently only available in Source Text.

How to add, resolve and reply to comments in Overleaf

  1. Select the text you wish to comment on
  2. Click Add comment
  3. Write a comment and click comment
  4. Reply to the comment and resolve the comment when you are ready

How to Auto Compile in Overleaf

  1. Click the down arrow on the Recompile tab
  2. Switch Auto Compile to On
  3. Also, it’s a good idea to check syntax before compile

Editing and proofreading of Overleaf projects

Collaborate with native English subject experts