Part of Speech Function/Job Examples Example Sentences
Verb State/Action Be, have, learn,

write, love, must

I am learning English. I love writing English.
Noun Thing/Person/Name Mike, phone, pencil, London, cat, chair Mike sits in a chair. He has a cat and a pencil.
Adjective Describe a noun Blue, big, wet, good,

Interesting, long

I have a big, blue coat which is very long.
Adverb Describe a verb, adjective or adverb Very, quite, slowly, well, badly My dog is very old. He walks quite slowly.
Pronoun Replace a noun I, you, he, she, they, it, some, them I like her, she is nicer than him.
Preposition Links nouns to other words To, at, after, on, through, in I went to the café after a day at the beach.
Conjunction Links clauses, sentences or words And, but, when, if, I will go to the beach and the cafe if it is hot.
Interjection A short exclamation Oh, hi, well, hey Hi, How are you? Well, I’m fine, thank you.

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Practical English Usage Lesson 15 Parts of Speech

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