As an author looking to get published in reputable international peer reviewed journals, you are probably familiar with the bothersome task of following the journal’s author guidelines and ensuring that every detail is taken care of. Indeed, this task is even more challenging when the guidelines are difficult to follow.

Bridger Jones offers formatting as part of its editing and proofreading service.

So, what do your editors do in providing the formatting service? They go through all the author guidelines and understand how to make the changes related to display (e.g., line spacing or margins), style (e.g., citations and references), and language (e.g., limits on abstract or paper length). They use their knowledge of the in-built functions of Microsoft Word and Overleaf, still the preferred formats for several international journals, to ensure that these guidelines are implemented in exactly the manner that the journal would like to see them.

Here are some tips when writing a paper or sending it to us for formatting.


  1. Before you start writing the paper, visit the journal website and check whether the journal has provided a template. When you use the template, a majority of the guidelines are followed automatically.
  2. Check whether the journal has page or word limits for the paper, this way you can decide what content to exclude/retain while writing the paper, rather than making content changes after editing.
  3. Before you prepare figures or graphs, check the journal’s artwork guidelines.
  4. Provide the journal website URL when submitting your paper. This allows your Bridger Jones editors to find the right guidelines for your target journal.