A post explaining the difference between fast and quick.

Clients so often confuse the words fast and quick (as do many native speakers), so I will finally answer the question:

What is the difference between fast and quick?

Fast refers to speed of action or movement.

  • A fast train.
  • A fast runner.

Quick refers to the length of time an action or event takes.

  • A quick journey.
  • A quick run.

Let’s use fast and quick in the same sentence.

  • They had a quick journey because the train was fast.
  • It was a quick job because he is a fast worker.


Quick can refer to speed if the movement is abrupt and not sustained.

  • Be quick, and grab that seat.

Test yourself

1. Which sentence is correct?
The car is extremely fast.
<3 🙂
The car is extremely quick.
2. Which sentence is correct?
The men went for a quick drink.
<3 🙂
The men went for a fast drink.
3. Which sentence is correct?
Feeding time was quick because the lions are fast eaters.
<3 🙂
Feeding time was fast because the lions are quick eaters.


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