Remove these common mistakes from your English writing, and you will be 10 steps closer to perfection

Michael Jones, Senior Editor at, has compiled this guide to the top 10 most common mistakes in written English for those with English as a second language. These are the features of English writing which present the most difficulty for non-native writers. If you learn to recognise and remove these common errors, your academic and professional writing will greatly improve.

  1. Spelling mistakes
  2. Sentence fragments
  3. Too many words
  4. Introductory phrase and comma
  5. Run-on sentences
  6. Modifiers
  7. Subject-Verb agreement
  8. Articles
  9. Plural nouns
  10. Order of adjectives

It’s simple, fix these areas of your English writing and it will vastly improve.




Michael Jones - Senior Editor -

Michael Jones – Senior Editor


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