Here are the rules for capitalisation in written English. Most of these rules are obligatory, but some are optional*.

How and when to use capital letters



The first word in a sentence.

The first word in a sentence always has a capital letter.

The pronoun “I”.

He and I went to the cinema. She and I want to study tonight.

Acronyms and initialisms formed from the first letters of words.

NFL – National Football League
NHS – National Health Service
FIFA – Fédération Internationale de Football Association

Proper nouns. Proper nouns include:

1.) Names of people and their titles.

Mr. Michael Jones, Mrs. Jane Doe

Dr. Doolittle

2.) Nationalities, races, ethnic groups, religions and languages.

British, Chinese, Inuit, Islam, Muslim, French

3.) Specific places.

10 Downing Street, The Grand Canyon

4.) Geographic areas.

The Middle East, Western Europe

5.) Days of the week, special days and months of the year.

Monday, Independence Day, January
Christmas Day

6.) Deities*

God, Shiva, Allah

7.) Organisations

Department of Health, Bank of England

The first and last words in titles apart from articles and conjuctions.*

War and Peace
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

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