Your editor will use the Track Changes function in Apple Pages to make changes to your document and to leave comments offering suggestions about how to improve your text

Accept or Reject

Track Changes is a function in Apple Pages that allows you to see what changes have been made to a document.

Track Changes is easily turned on or paused.

Switch on or pause track changes in apple pages

One version of your edited text will look something like the picture below. A line near the margin indicates where changes have been made and boxes contain comments made by the editor.

Sample of bridger jones editing and proofreading using Apple Pages

Your final product from will consist of two versions of your text.

The first version will have the changes accepted and will be clean and ready to send, publish or submit. The second version will look something like the text above. It will show all Markup.

To delete any comments from a document, simply click the comment and click delete.

Remember, if you have any problems using the Track Changes function you can email for clarification.


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