Academic writing is one particular type of writing which requires you to think critically about a topic and consider other academic works.

You are required to formulate your arguments and reflect on counterarguments. Your thoughts, arguments and evidence need to be organised into coherent sections for the purpose of clarity and logical progression. You will also need to utilise subject-specific terminology and apply it in the correct manner.

Types of academic writing

Academic writing can be classified in the following way:

Category Task
Explanation Conveying facts and understanding
Exercise Testing comprehension and applying knowledge
Literature Review Presenting and discussing literature
Methodology Describing methods and their value
Research Report Fully describing and assessing research
Essay Making a complete argument
Critique Critically evaluating an argument
Event Report Reporting an event
Public Engagement Translating to an easily understood register
Case Study Reporting an uncontrolled, pre-existing case
Specification Specifying a process or product
Problem Question Addressing a real- world problem
Proposal Arguing for a future action