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When do we use who and whom?

Use the he/him method.

He = who

Him = whom

When he can be used in a sentence, we use who.

  • Did he close the door?
  • Who closed the door?
  • He closed the door.

When him can be used in a sentence, we use whom.

  • Should I ask him about my exams?
  • Whom should I ask about my exams?
  • You should ask him about your exams.

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Test yourself

1. Which sentence is correct?
Who is that man?
<3 🙂
Whom is that man?

2. Which sentence is correct?
Whom should I give my money to?
<3 🙂
Who should I give my money to?

3. Which sentence is correct?
He was someone to whom reputation mattered little.
<3 🙂
He was someone to who reputation mattered little.

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