The question:

What should I include in my cover letter when I submit my manuscript to an academic journal?

The answer can be found in this guide. We have made it even easier for you, and included a free template which you can use every time you submit a manuscript.

Writing to the editor

We are often asked to edit and proofread cover letters to editors of academic journals for the purpose of submitting a manuscript, and many times we have to rewrite the entire letter.

The important things to remember when writing this letter are:

  • First impressions count
  • You are one among many
  • You must sell your research
  • Making connections between your manusrcipt and the scope and aims of the journal
  • Your work is not under consideration elsewhere

We have put together this guide and template so you can concentrate on the important business of the content of your letter.

Download the complete guide to writing your cover letter:


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